It is amazing that consumers are not informed about the car buying process and everything that happens after the fact. They fall prey at the dealership to the experts that do it every day.

A decision or series of decisions that typically ends up costing thousands of dollars. Yes, “decisions” as each signed line is an agreement to the statement on the form.

This membership site was built to educate consumers about the entire car buying process before, during and after the dealership visit.

Everything is important and adds up: your FICO score, the value of the trade-in you have, the value of the car your are buying, the terms of the contract, the lender you choose, the additional optional products you agree to purchase through financing, insurance, how you make your car payments, the obligations you may or not agree to and much more…

Depending on your personal monetary position, considering all the costs associated with owning a car (maintenance, finance cost, taxes, insurance, registration, fees and depreciation), it may be the biggest expense you may have over your lifetime competing only with those costs associated with home ownership yet oftentimes still the larger expense.

Understand that a car is a depreciating asset while a home may be an investment depending on the state of the market, hence the difference between the two expenses.

According to the AAA 2017 edition of “Your Driving Cost”, the average yearly expense to drive 15,000 miles per year is as follows:

  • Small Sedan $6,354
  • Medium Sedan $8,171
  • Large Sedan $9,399
  • Small SUV $7,606 (FWD)
  • Medium SUV $9,451 (4WD)
  • Minivan $9,146
  • 1/2 Ton, Crew Cab Pickup (4WD) $10,054
  • Hybrid Vehicle $7,687
  • Electric Vehicle $8,439
  • Average cost of all vehicles $8,469

This analysis from AAA considers the national averages in the following categories: fuel, maintenance, repair, tires, insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation, and finance cost.

So why is this website so important? The AAA cost analysis does not consider all the savings made through the car buying negotiation process which could add up to thousands of dollars if you don’t know what you are doing when visiting a dealership.

The dealers purpose is to sell a product/service and make a decent profit.

Lets just make sure that you keep them straight and fair towards you as the individual consumer!

The car buying process