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Luis Salazar (Founder)

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Most consumers feel that the car buying experience is aggravating and stressful. We simplify the car buying experience.

Even after the purchase, they don’t know what options are available to them for the real-life events that occur: service, maintenance, warranty, accidents, repossession, bankruptcy and death among others…

The biggest reason: uninformed consumers.

We have a solution. By becoming a member you have 24/7, 365-day access to all the necessary information to make the right decision according to your goals and objectives.

We want you to take control, save money, and be happy!

Hi, my name is Luis Salazar and I realized that with my 24 years of experience in all areas of the car-buying industry with different companies, from credit and collections to sales and service; that I could help each and every one of you obtain a far superior car-buying experience.

I want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. More importantly, to trust and feel confident about the decisions you make during your car purchase and, if you ever look back, know that you made the best possible decision at the time.